Congall Clairingneach

Irish - A king of Ireland. When Lugaid Luaighne divided Ulster into two parts, he gave one to Congall, the other to Fergus mac Leda. Later the king, persuaded by his daughter who fell in love with Fergus, gave him the whole province and Congall, in anger, killed Lugaid's son, Criomhthann. He went to Scotland to avoid further conflict but returned and, with the help of Fergus mac Roth, defeated the forces of Fergus mac Leda and then challenged Lugaid himself. He killed the king and took the throne of Ireland. Another story tells of Congall's adventures overseas. He was said to be betrothed to Taise, daughter of Donn, king of the Otherworld, and killed another king, Nabgodon, who tried to seize Taise for himself. He next went to Scandinavia, where Beiuda, daughter of King Amhldoibh, said she would marry him only if he could bring her some special birds, a wonderful helmet and yoke from far countries. He defeated the Amazon, Muirn, who guarded these treasures and returned with them to Scandinavia, and finally to Ireland where he was later killed by Duach. In some references, identified as Congall Clairingneach, Comghall, Comghall, Congall, Congall, Congall, Congall, Congall Caoch, Congall, Conghal, Conghal, Congall, Congall, Congall or Congall.

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