Congall Caoch

Irish - A king of Ulster. A foster son of Domhnall mac Aodha. He was said to have lost one eye through a bee sting or when he was struck by a chess piece thrown by Suibhne Meann when the latter was killed by Congall Caoch. He fell out with High-king Domhnall mac Aodha when he ate one of the eggs served at a great feast given at Tara. He fled to Scotland where he enlisted the support of the king of Dalriada. While he was seeking support for his return to Ireland, he met Conan Rod, the son of a British king, who joined forces with Congall. They returned to Ireland with a large army but were defeated at the Battle of Magh Ratha. He killed Conall Clogach in this battle but was himself slain. In some accounts, known as Congall Caoch, Congall Claon, Congall Claon, Comghall, Comghall, Congall, Congall, Congall, Congall, Congall Clairingneach, Congall, Conghal Caoch, Conghal Caoch, Conghal Claon or Conghal Claon.

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