Conary Mor

Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Nemglan and Messbuachalla. His mother was seduced by a Danaan youth who came to her in the form of a bird. She married Eterskel, king of Ireland, and her illegitimate son, Conary, was reared, with three foster brothers, by a noble, Desa. When Eterskel died, Conary was made king, fulfilling the prophecy of a diviner. His foster brothers were a source of trouble and were eventually banished by Conary. They joined Ingcel, son of the king of Britain, in sea-raiding and invaded Ireland. They trapped Conary at the hostel of Da Derga and killed him and most of his men. The giant Mac Cecht went in search of water for the king who was thirsty but when he got back the hostel had fallen and Conary was dead. His head had been cut off but, when Mac Cecht gave it a drink, it spoke and thanked him for the water. In some versions it was Conall Cearnach, not Mac Cecht, who brought the drink for Conary. In another account his parents were Eochaid Airemh and Eochaid's daughter, the girl he chose from fifty presented by Midir, who had abducted his real wife, Etain, thinking that she was Etain. Occasionally called Conary Mor, Conaire Caomh, Conaire Caomh, Conaire Messbuachalla, Conaire Messbuachalla, Conaire Mor or Conaire Mor.

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