Conan Meriadoc

British - A king of Brittany. Son of Gerenton. In those stories where Elen is the daughter of Octavius, Conan and Macsen fought fought for the hand of Elen. Macsen married her but left her when he joined forces with Conan to conquer Armorica. Conan became king and called the country Brittany. Some say that he was an ancestor of King Arthur. Occasionally known as Conan Meriadoc, Cynan, Cynan, Conand, Conand, Conan Cinn Sleibhe, Conan mac an Leith Luchra, Conan mac Febar, Conan mac Lia, Conan mac Morna, Conan of the Grey Rushes, Conan Rod, Conan, Conann, Conann, Cynan or Cynan.

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