Conan mac Morna

Irish - A warrior in the Fianna. Brother of Goll and Garadh. In some versions he got stuck to a chair or the floor of the Quicken Trees Hostel, where Finn mac Cool and some of the Fianna were trapped by Midac. He escaped by tearing himself free, leaving the skin of his buttocks behind. His friends covered him with a black sheep's fleece, which grew permanently in place of the missing skin. He went to the house of Cab an Dosain in the Otherworld where he was involved in a number of strange situations until he was rescued by Finn mac Cool. When challenged by Liagan, he tricked his opponent into looking behind and then cut off his head. Sometimes called Conan mac Morna, Conan Mael, Conan Mael, Conan Maol, Conan Maol, Conan the Bald, Conan the Bald, Conand, Conand, Conan Cinn Sleibhe, Conan mac an Leith Luchra, Conan mac Febar, Conan mac Lia, Conan Meriadoc, Conan of the Grey Rushes, Conan Rod, Conan, Conann or Conann.

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