Irish - One of the sons of a high-king. In some accounts he and Dunchadh were the sons of Blathmhac, in others there were three sons (the other was Maelodhar) and their father was Diarmaid who was joint-king with Blathmhac. All three sons were killed when they were set upon by Maelodran who drove them into a mill pond and, by starting the mill, had them crushed to death by the water wheel. In some accounts, called Conall, Conal, Conal, Conall, Conall Anghlonnach, Conall Clogach, Conall Dearg, Conall Gulban, Conall mac Suibhne, Connla, Connla, Conla, Conlai(h), Conlaoch, Conle, Connla, Connla, Connla, Connla, Connla or Connla.

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