Conall Gulban

Irish - Son of Niall. Brother of Cairbre, Eanna, Eoghan and Laoghaire. Grandfather of Feidhlimidh. He was fostered with his uncle, Fiachra, who sent him to be tutored by Muireadhach Meann. When Muireadhach was killed in battle with Ulster, Conall and his kin defeated Ulster at the Battle of Ath Cro and killed Cana, king of Ulster. After conquest of Ulster, his uncles, Brian and Fiachra, went to war against each other and Connall took an army to defeat Brian, subdue Connaught and install Daithi as king. Some say that Conall became highking of Ireland but handed the throne to his brother, Laoghaire. In one story he carried off Eithne, daughter of the king of Leinster, but Macaomh Mor, who had been sent to look for her, found Conall asleep and took her for himself. Conall sailed as far as Scandinavia in search of the pair, killing hundreds of warriors sent against him by the king, whose daughter, Doireann, fell in love with him. She sent a warrior named Amhas to kill him when he failed to return her love. Conall defeated Amhas and later another warrior, Kidire, attacked the king but was defeated by Conall. This man said that he had met Macaomh and Eithne and so Conall, accompanied by Amhas, Kidire and the druid Dunadhach, set off to find them. A prince, Iollann, joined them after Conall defeated him in single combat. They found the fugitives in Syria and Conall defeated Macaomh but spared his life, going to Caledonia to send a princess for Macaomh in place of Eithne. He killed the witch who, by her magic, revived every night the 500 Caledonians he killed each day, and seized the princess. In the meantime, Eithne had been captured by the king of Greece so Conall had another battle to fight and defeated the Greeks. He later helped his brothers Eoghan and Laoghaire to defeat the Turks who had attacked the German empire. Conall was killed in a fight with raiders who had stolen some horses from Tara. Occasionally referred to as Conall Gulban, Conal, Conal, Conall, Conall Anghlonnach, Conall Clogach, Conall Dearg, Conall mac Suibhne or Conall.

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