Conall Corc

Irish - A king of Munster. Son of Luightheach and Boilce or Bolgbhain. He was fostered by Feidhilm and was given the nickname Corc mac Laire when his ear was singed in a magic ceremony. He was later adopted by Criomhthann, whose wife told her husband that Conall had tried to seduce her. Criomhthann exiled him to Scotland, sending a message to the Pictish king to kill the young man. Conall survived because Gruibne, who had earlier been freed from captivity by Conall, changed the coded message so that King Fearadhach gave his daughter to Conall as wife. He later returned to Munster and became king. At times, referred to as Conall Corc, Conall mac Luigthig, Conall mac Luigthig, Corc mac Laire, Corc mac Laire, Conal(l) mac Luigthig or Conal(l) mac Luigthig.

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