Conall Clogach

Irish - A jester at the court of high-king Domhnall. He had incited a mob to stone St Columba and was cursed by the saint so that he became a fool. When he met Comgan, jester of Munster, they became friends and with him undertook a journey round Connaught during which they managed to set fire to the town of Roscommon. Domhnall had a message brought to the court that Conall had been killed by wolves, at which the fool wept for himself until one of the men at the court seized Conall and pretended that he had saved him and brought him back to the court. He was killed by Congall Caoch at the Battle of Magh Rotha. Sometimes known as Conall Clogach, Conal, Conal, Conall, Conall Anghlonnach, Conall Dearg, Conall Gulban, Conall mac Suibhne or Conall.

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