Irish - A jester and poet. Son of Maolochtraigh and Mughain. At times wise, at times foolish, he was said to be able to walk on water or to sleep beneath it. His father's second wife fell in love with him but he rejected her and she persuaded a druid to cause Comgan to become ill and lose all his hair. When he gave all his possessions to Odhran and went into the forest, his stepbrother, Cumaine, found him and took him to his hermitage. At the court of Guaire, king of Connaught, he supported the boast of Mac Telene that Munster was superior to Connaught by reciting poetry. When the king's horses were stolen he allowed the robbers to escape. When he met Conall Clogach, the high-king's jester, they became friends and undertook a journey round Connaught during which they managed to set fire to the town of Roscommon. When he quarrelled with Conall, Comgan settled in a hermitage and spent the rest of his life there. Known as Comgan, Comhdan, Comhdan, Comhdhan, Comhdhan, Mac Da Chearda, Mac Da Chearda, Comhd(h)an or Comhd(h)an.

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