Greek - A dawn-goddess. Daughter of Tyndareus or Zeus and Leda. Wife of Agamemnon. Mother of Chrysothemis, Electra, Iphigenia and Orestes. Mother of Amphiaraus by Oides. Mother of Aletes by Aegisthus, some say. In some versions she is Leda's daughter by Zeus who, in the form of a swan, seduced Leda. She was originally the wife of Tantalus, king of Pisa, but when Agamemnon defeated him he took over his wife Clytemnestra who, as a daughter of Tyndareus, was sometimes referred to as Tyndaris. While Agamemnon was away at Troy, she was seduced by Aegisthus who was seeking further revenge for the murder of his brother, Tantalus. When Agamemnon returned bringing with him Cassandra and the twin boys she had borne to him, the two lovers killed all four of them. Agamemnon was trapped in the bath where Aegisthus attacked him with a sword and Clytemnestra cut off his head. When Orestes later returned to avenge his father's death, he killed Aegisthus and cut off Clytemnestra's head. Another version of the story says that she killed Agamemnon to avenge the death of their daughter Iphigenia, who he had sacrificed to ensure a safe passage to attack Troy. Occasionally referred to as Clytemnestra, Clytaemestra, Clytaemestra, Klutaimnestra, Klutaimnestra, Klytaimnestra, Klytaimnestra, Oeax or Oeax.

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