European - Daughter of the Sultan Gaudisso. Wife of Huon. Mother of Claretie. She was betrothed to Babican who was killed by Huon. When Huon was imprisoned by her father, she supplied him with food and planned his escape with Sherasmin. When her father was killed on the orders of the Caliph, she went to France with Huon, became a Christian, taking the name Amanda, and married him. Oberon gave the land of Faerie to Huon, but King Arthur, who went there when he died, disputed Huon's right to inherit because Huon's wife was a mortal. Morgan le Fay took Clarimunda (in this story, Esclarmonde) to the fountain of youth where she bathed and became a fairy. Also referred to as Clarimunda, Amanda, Amanda, Esclaramonde, Esclairmond, Esclairmond, Esclaramonde, Esclar(a)monde, Esclar(a)monde, Rezia or Rezia.

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