Greek - A goddess or sorceress. Daughter of Helius and Perse. Sister of Aetes and Pasiphae. Mother of Agrius, Latinus and Telegonus by Odysseus. Mother of Comus by Bacchus, some say. She killed her husband and was exiled to the island of Aeaea. She fell in love with the the fisherman Glaucus, but he preferred the nymph Scylla. Circe then changed Scylla into a monster. She turned all men who approached her into animals, Some of the crew of Odysseus' ship were turned into pigs but she fell in love with Odysseus himself and returned his men to their former selves. Some say that her three sons were fathered by Odysseus, although the parentage of Latinus is disputed. When Picus rejected her love, she turned him into a woodpecker. She purified Jason and Medea of the murder of Apsyrtus. Also called Circe, Kirke, Kirke or Circe.
British - A sorceress. Wife of Bethides. She was said to have been instrumental in bringing in the Romans who destroyed the Franc Palais and conquered Britain. Occasionally referred to as Circe, Kirke, Kirke or Circe.

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