Greek - A king of Cyprus. A priest of Aphrodite. Son of Paphos. Son of Apollo, Sandoces or Theias, some say. Husband of Cenchreis or Metharme. Father of Adonis, Mydalia and Myrrha. Some say he was married to Paphos while others say that she was his mother and Metharme was his wife. Aphrodite caused his daughter Myrrha to sleep with Cinyras, producing Adonis. The goddess then turned Myrrha into a myrtle tree. In some stories, Myrrha is Smyrna, in others her father is Belus or Theias. In some accounts he killed himself when he realised he had committed incest. Sometimes called Cinyras, Kinyras, Kinyras, Cinyras or Cinyras.
Greek - A smith-god of Cyprus originally. Worshipped in Syria. At times, known as Cinyras, Kinyras, Kinyras, Cinyras or Cinyras.

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