Central American - Spirits of women who died in childbirth in Aztec lore. These spirits are said to live in Tamoanchan and in some accounts are equated with the Tzitzimime. It is said that they can appear in the form either of women or of eagles. They were depicted with white faces with golden eyebrows and arms whitened with tisatl. Also known as Cihuateteo, Chihuatetel, Chihuatetel, Cihuapipiltin, Cihuapipiltin, Cihuatetee, Cihuatetee, ciuapipiltin, ciuapipiltin, Ciuateteo, Ciuateteo, Honoured Women, Honoured Women, Ci(h)uapipiltin, Ci(h)uapipiltin, Ci(h)uatetee, Ci(h)uatetee, La Llorona or La Llorona.

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