Churning of the Ocean

Hindu - The making of amrita. The gods and demons coiled the World Serpent, Ananta or Vasuki, round Mount Mandara and, by pulling on each end for 1,000 years, caused the Churning of the Ocean. This operation brought up fourteen things that had been lost by the early Vedic tribes in the flood. These were: Airavata, Indra's elephant Amrita, the drink of the gods Chandra (Soma), the moon-god Dhanvantari, the Divine Doctor Dhanus, the magic bow Kaustubha, Vishnu's ruby Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty Parijata, the tree of knowledge Rambha, a nymph Sankha, the horn of victory Surabhi, the cow of plenty Uccaihsravas, the magic horse Varuni (Sura), the goddess of wine Visha, poison In other accounts a pair of earrings, given by Indra to his mother Adita, were recovered; Kamadhenu is referred to in place of Surabhi; the Apsarases emerged; the jewel, Chinta-mani (an alternative to Kaustubha, perhaps) was produced. In some references, identified as Churning of the Ocean, Churning of the Sea of Milk or Churning of the Sea of Milk.

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