Chung K'uei

Chinese - A god of the afterlife and examinations, attendant on Wen Ch'ang Ti. Chun. A giant exorcist. One of the Great Heavenly Princes. He was a mortal who killed himself when not awarded the first place that he had earned in an examination, the Emperor refusing to hand him his certificate because he was so ugly. He became an itinerant demon, losing the chance of reincarnation but protecting others from such demons. In another version he threw himself into the sea and was saved from drowning by a sea dragon who took him to heaven where he became one of the stars in the Great Bear constellation, and was made the god of literature as Wen Ti. He is depicted wearing one shoe and tearing out a demon's eye. Other accounts make him an attendant on Wen Ch'ang, in which role he is depicted as a small demon holding a ladle. Also identified as Chung K'uei, Recorder of Hell, Recorder of Hell, Wen Ti, Wen Ti, Wen Ch'ang Ti Ch√ľn, K'uei Hsing, K'uei Hsing, Chung-k'uei, Japanese Shoki or Japanese Shoki.

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