Chinvat Bridge

Persian - The bridge leading from the top of Mount Alburz into heaven. The souls of the dead had to cross this bridge, which appeared wide for the good but impossibly narrow for the bad. In earlier times it was regarded as a river that souls had to cross to reach the land of the dead. Called Chinvat Bridge, Bridge of the Decider, Bridge of the Decider, Chinvat Peretu, Chinvat Peretu, Cinvat, Cinvat, Cinvato Peretu, Cinvato Peretu, Pul Cinavad, Pul Cinavad, Pul Chinvar, Pul Chinvar, Chinvat Puhl, Chinvat Puhl, Cinvato PeretuPul Chinavad, Cinvato PeretuPul Chinavad, Pul Chinavar or Pul Chinavar.

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