North American - A supreme deity of the tribes of California. He created the first man, Ouiot. At the funeral of Ouiot, Coyoye snatched a piece of the body and ran off. Some of the skin fell on the ground and here Chinigchinich appeared to the medicine-men and gave them supernatural powers for the benefit of the men he then created from clay. These beings replaced the earlier race created by Ouiot, all of whom Chinigchinich turned into animals, birds and plants. In another version, he was the son of Tacu and Auzar and was sometimes known as Ouiamot. Sometimes known as Chinigchinich, Attajen, Attajen, Attahen, Ouiot, Chinnigchinich, Chinnigchinich, Kwarwar, Kwarwar, Ouiamot, Ouiamot, Kwawar or Kwawar.

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