Chiang Tzu-ya

Chinese - A general, deified as a god of fishermen. After the Battle of Mu, he visited Yüan-shih in the Jade Palace and received a list of ways to achieve immortality from the Old Man of the South Pole. On his way home he met Shen Kung-pao who pitted his magic against that of Chiang Tzu-ya, hoping to win the list. Shen cut off his own head and made it float in the air and won the contest, but the Old Man of the South Pole sent the White Crane Youth to intervene. He would have carried off the airborne head but Chiang Tzu-ya asked him not to and Shen's head was restored to his body. At times, known as Chiang Tzu-ya, Chiang Lu Shang, Chiang Lu Shang, Chiang T'ai Kung, Chiang T'ai Kung, T'ai Kung Wang or T'ai Kung Wang.

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