Norse - A war-god identified with Heimdall or Tyr. He owned a marvellous sword made by the dwarfs who had made Gungnir, the spear of Odin. When this sword was stolen, the Norns foretold that whoever held it would conquer the world but would be killed by it. It was given to Vitellius, a Roman prefect who was made emperor, but stolen by a soldier who used it to kill Vitellius. In old age he buried the sword, which was found by Attila who conquered the known world and died by the sword at the hands of his wife Ildico, who thus avenged the killing of her father. The sword was said to have passed to the Duke of Alva and finally to the archangel Michael. Sometimes identified as Cheru, Er, Er, Heimdall, Tiwaz, Tyr, Heru, Heru, Huh, Saxon Saxsnot or Saxon Saxsnot.

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