Cheng Wu

Chinese - Guardian of the north. He is said to have slit open his own body, removing five vital organs which turned into ravaging animals, while the knife turned into a youth and the scabbard into a maiden. Cheng Wu later changed the wild animals into musical instruments. Some say that he was a reincarnation of Yüan Shih. Also commonly referred to as Cheng Wu, Cheng-wu Sheng-kun, Cheng-wu Sheng-kun, Hsüan T'ien Shang Ti, Hsüan T'ien Shang Ti, Pak Tai, Huan Ti, Huan Ti, Huang Ti, Chen-wu Sheng-kun, Dark Lord, Huan-wu, Pei-chi, Pei-chi-chen-chun, Hsüan T'ien Shang-ti or Hsüan T'ien Shang-ti.

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