European - Son of Charlemagne. Brother of Louis and Pepin. He was with his father's army in Italy, where they had gone at the request of the Pope to repel the Saracen invaders, when he was challenged to combat by Sadon, whose cousin, Carahue, challenged Ogier. He arrived with a troop of his followers and attacked the other three, but Ogier and the two Saracens fought together and routed their attackers. In an attack of rage he killed Baldwin, son of Ogier the Dane, merely because the youth was beating him in a game of chess. Ogier would have killed him but a servant intervened, with the result that the furious Dane knocked a cup of wine into the Emperor's face. Ogier fled the court but was later captured and imprisoned. When Charlemagne needed a champion to take up the challenge thrown down by Bruhier, Sultan of Arabia, the Emperor asked Ogier to help. He agreed provided that he could punish Charlot for the murder of his son. When Charlot was led before Ogier, the warrior forced his son's killer to his knees, raised his sword over his head but then relented and spared Charlot's life. He plotted with Amaury to kill the brothers Girard and Huon of Bordeaux so that he could take over their lands and laid an ambush for the two young men when they came to present themselves at Charlemagne's court. He wounded Girard but was himself killed by Huon. Another version says that he challenged Alardo to a chess match and struck him with the chessboard when Alardo won. Rinaldo (Renaud) killed Charlot in revenge. Identified as Charlot, Karlot, Karlot, Berthelot or Berthelot.

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