Chang Tao-ling

Chinese - (35-157). A Taoist immortal, founder of a magical form of Taoism. A god of the afterlife. Father of Chang Heng. He is said to have become immortal by conquering five poisonous animals (centipede, scorpion, snake, spider and toad) and drinking the elixir that he brewed from their venom when he was already over sixty years old, and he ascended to heaven at the age of 123. He made exorbitant charges for advising people how to cure illness while immersed in a lake, and he became known as the Rice Thief. It was said that he could divide himself into parts so as to be present in several places at the same time. On one occasion, he stretched his arms to some thirty feet to rescue a disciple stranded on a ledge on a cliff face. He was said to control all the Taoist demons and spirits and owned a sword that could kill demons thousands of miles away. He is depicted riding a tiger. At times, identified as Chang Tao-ling, Chang T'ien-shih, Chang T'ien-shih, Chang Tsao-wang, Chang Tsao-wang, Tao Chun, Tsao Chün, Kitchen God, Kitchen God, Stove God, Chen-jen, Chen-jen, Rice Thief or Rice Thief.

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