Chang Hsien

Chinese - A protector-god of children. Father of Chien T'an. He is said to have been a mortal, king of Szechuan province, deified after his death at the hands of the Sung emperor. In some accounts he appeared to the emperor in the form of an archer; in others he was Chang Yüan-hsiao who bought a crossbow that could end epidemics from a man with two pairs of eyes. Some stories refer to him as the God of Emoluments, in place of Lu Hsing; in others he is the same as Chang Kuo-Lao. He is depicted with a white beard, and holding a bow and arrows, accompanied by a small boy. In some references, identified as Chang Hsien, Bow Spirit, Bow Spirit, Chang Hsien, Chang Yüan-hsiao, Chang Yüan-hsiao, Chang Hsien, I, I, Celestial Archer, Divine Archer, Good Archer, Hou I, Shen I, Immortal Chang, Immortal Chang or Chang Hsien.

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