Hindu - A four-armed moon-god, the sacred. Drink Soma personified. One of the Vasus. One of the Dikpalas. King of the Brahmins. Brother of Aditya, Agni, Ushas and Vayu. Consort of the 27 daughters of Daksha. He was said to have been the fifth thing to emerge at the Churning of the Ocean. As a Dikpala, he was responsible for guarding the north-eastern region. In one account he abducted Tara, the wife of Brhaspati, and fathered a son, Budha, on her. The ensuing battle between the gods and the demons led by Chandra was settled when Brahma intervened and Brhaspati's wife was restored to him. His three-wheeled chariot is drawn by ten white horses. His other transport was a white antelope. Also identified as Chandra, Candra, Candra, Cunda, Candramas, Candramas, Candramus, Candramus, Indu, Indu, Soma, Soma, Soma, Oshadhi-Pati, Orb of Night, Prajapati, Syenabhrita, Soma, Soma, Candra(mus), Candra(mus), Candra, Candra, Soma or Soma.

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