Central American - An Aztec water-goddess and goddess of marriage. Sister and wife of Tlaloc. Mother or sister of the Tlalocs. In some accounts, her consort is referred to as Tlacotehcutli. She ruled during the Fourth Sun period and was the originator of a flood from which the only humans to escape were those who turned themselves into fishes. She is said to have invented the rainbow as a bridge to heaven. She is sometimes depicted in the form of a frog, a snake or a river, but generally as a woman with a yellow face, wearing a blue coronet with green feathers, and a necklace of precious stones, carrying a water plant and vase with a cross on it. Also referred to as Chalchihuitlicue, Aiauh, Aiauh, Chalchiutlicue, Chalchiutlicue, Chalcitlicue, Chalcitlicue, Emerald Lady, Emerald Lady, Goddess of the Jade Petticoat, Goddess of the Jade Petticoat, Lady of the Emerald Robe, Lady of the Emerald Robe, Acuecueyotl, Acuecueyotl, Apoconalotl, Apoconalotl, Atlacamani, Atlacamani, Altcanals, Altcanals, Jade Skirt, Jade Skirt, Chalchiuhtlicue, Xixiquipilihui or Xixiquipilihui.

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