North American - A Sioux giant-killer. His tribe had been killed by six giants and he was destined to become 'White Feather, the avenger'. The Man of Wood gave him a pipe, the smoke from which turned into pigeons, an invisible vine and a white feather. He ran a race against five of the giants, on consecutive days, and won by tripping his opponent with his vine and killing him as the loser. The sixth giant took the form of a maiden to deceive Chacopee and turned him into a dog, taking the white feather and wearing it in his hair. When the giant married a chief's daughter, her sister took the dog. At a meeting of her tribe to decide who was the real owner of the white feather, Chacopee alone could produce flocks of pigeons when he smoked the pipe, so proving his right. He then resumed his human shape while the giant was turned into a dog and killed. Sometimes called Chacopee, White Feather or White Feather.

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