Ch'ien Niu

Chinese - A cowherd, the star Altair. Husband of Chih Nü. When these two stars visited earth and married, they became so infatuated with each other that they no longer did any work when they returned to heaven. They were punished by the king or queen of heaven who caused them to be separated by a river, the Milky Way, allowed to meet only once a year. Magpies took pity on their plight and formed themselves into a bridge over which Chih Nü was able to cross. In another story, the Ox Boy is Tung Yung. In some lore, occasionally identified as Ch'ien Niu, Altair, Altair, Aquila, Aquila, Hikoboshi, Hikoboshi, Celestial Cowherd, Celestial Cowherd, Niu Lang, Niu Lang, Ox Boy, Ox Boy, Tung Yung, Tung Yung, Hikoboshi, Japanese Hikoboshi or Japanese Hikoboshi.

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