Chinese - A monster, part deer, part fox, with a single horn: a unicorn. One of the Four Precious Animals. Chief of the hairy animals. Ruler of the west and autumn. This animal was the symbol of Kaoyao, judge in the underworld. It was said to have appeared out of the Yellow River at the birth of Confucius, but has never been seen since man became corrupt. It is said to display five colours (black, blue, red, white and yellow) and has a voice that sounds like chiming bells. In some accounts it has a scaly body and two backward-curving horns and may live up to 1,000 years. As a dragon-horse, it is described as a water spirit that can walk on water. Others regard it as a white tiger. The male is ch'i, the female lin. Occasionally identified as ch'i-lin, ch'i, ch'i, Chinese unicorn, Chinese unicorn, dragon-horse, dragon-horse, horse-dragon, horse-dragon, lin, lin, Lu, Lu, deer, piao, piao, po, po, poh, To Fu, To Fu, Chinese Unicorn, Chinese Unicorn, dragonhorse, dragonhorse, kylin, kylin, ch'i lin, lu, lu, pai, pai, ma, ma, Akuma, Ama, Sin, Japanese kirin, Japanese kirin, kere, unicorn, Tibetan serou, Tibetan serou or kirin.

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