Ceylonese Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters


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Dala Kadavara

An elephant goddess. This deity was later demoted to the level of a Buddhist demon, causing illness. Sometimes referred to as Dala Kadavara.

Kalu Kumara Yaka

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Kanda Yake

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A shaman. These men are said to be able to contact the yaku, the spirits of ancestors and transmit messages to their relatives. Also referred to as kapurale, dugganawa or dugganawa.


A Tamil god. Occasionally known as Kataragama, Ceylon, Ceylon, Hindu Skanda, Hindu Skanda or Seyon.


The supreme god of the Tamils. At times, called Katavul, Kadavul or Kadavul.


The spirits of recent ancestors: a ceremony invoking these spirits. Also referred to as Nae-Yaku, yaku, yaku, yaka, singyaka or Nae-yaku.


A Tamil demon. These beings are said to drink the blood of the wounded or the dead. Sometimes identified as Pey.


Spirits of dead ancestors. Occasionally identified as yaku, yaka, yaka, singyaka, singyaka, Nae-yaku or Nae-yaku.
Ceylonese Mythology