Irish - A warrior of Ulster. One of the 12 champions of the Red Branch. Son of Fintan. While Cuchulainn was recovering from the wounds he received in his epic fight with Ferdia, Cethern emulated the wounded hero by singlehanded attacks on the forces of Ailill and Maev. After wreaking havoc amongst these forces, he was killed when several regiments attacked him at the same time. In later accounts he was a tutor of Finn mac Cool and once, accompanied by Finn, went to a fairy mound to woo a maiden of the Otherworld. In some references, identified as Cethern, Ceithearn, Ceithearn, Ceithern, Ceithern, Ceitherne, Ceitherne, Cethren, Cethren, Ceithearn mac Fiontan, Ceithearn mac Fiontan, Ceithern(e) mac Fionntan, Ceithern(e) mac Fionntan, Cetern, Cetern or Cathern.

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