Irish - A warrior of Connaught. Son of Maga. Brother of Anluan. At various times, he defeated and wounded the best of Ulster's warriors, including Celtchair, but at Mac Da Tho's feast he was outfaced by Conall Cearnach who claimed the right to carve the boar. He was said to have cut off a hand of Angus' father and was challenged by Angus to single combat to avenge the injury. In the battle between Ulster and Connaught, he made many raids into Ulster, including one in which he seized the 'brain-ball' made by Conall Cearnach and that was kept at Emain Macha. He used this ball in his sling to wound the king, Conor mac Nessa, who later died from its effect. He then killed the king's son, Cormac Cond Longes, during the siege of the hostel of Da Coga, as Cormac was en route to take the throne of Ulster on the death of his father. In other versions, it was Conall who killed Conor mac Nessa with a slingshot. When on another raid he killed about thirty Ulstermen and made off with their heads. Conall Cearnach followed him and they met in single combat at a ford. Conall was badly wounded but killed Cet. Occasionally identified as Cet, Ceat mac Maghach, Ceat mac Maghach, Cet, Cethe, Cethe, Ceithinn, Cet, Ket, Ket or Cet.

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