Ceryneian Hind

Greek - A golden-headed stag. This animal, with golden horns and bronze hooves, was the one that escaped when Artemis captured four others to draw her chariot. It was captured by Hercules as his third Labour. Some say that this beast was the Pleiad, Taygete, in the form of a hind. Sometimes known as Ceryneian Hind, Arcadian Hind, Arcadian Hind, Cerunitis, Cerunitis, Cerynean Hind, Cerynean Hind, Ceryneian Stag, Ceryneian Stag, Cerynitian Hind, Cerynitian Hind, Cerynitis, Cerynitis, Keryneian Hind, Keryneian Hind, Maenalian Hind or Maenalian Hind.

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