British - Grain-goddess and goddess of inspiration. A lake-dwelling witch. Daughter of Ogyrvan, some say. Wife of Tegid Voel. Mother of Avagddu, Creirwy and Morvran. She boiled a magic brew called greal, made from six herbs, for a year and a day, in a magic cauldron called Amen to produce just three drops, which would endow anybody who drank them with supernatural knowledge. This brew was intended for her ugly son, Avagddu, but the drops splashed on to the thumb of Gwion, the boy employed to watch the pot, and, in sucking his thumb, he acquired the wisdom intended for Avagddu. Ceridwen chased Gwion, both taking various forms, until he finally became a grain of corn which she, in the form of a hen, quickly swallowed. When the boy turned back into human form, she found herself pregnant and gave birth to Gwion. She threw him into the sea, whence he was rescued by Elphin who called him Taliesin. In some accounts Morvran is a handsome youth, in others he is the ugly son and Avagddu is merely his nickname. Also referred to as Ceridwen, Cariadwen, Cariadwen, Caridwen, Caridwen, Carridwen, Carridwen, Cerridwen, Cerridwen, Keridwen, Keridwen, Keridwin, Keridwin, Old White Sow, Old White Sow, White Sow Goddess, White Sow Goddess, Albina, Alphito, Cari(a)dwen, Cari(a)dwen, Hen Wen, Hen Wen, Henwen or Old White One.

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