Greek - King of Ethiopia. Son of Belus and Anchinoe. Brother of Phineus. Husband of Cassiopeia. Father of Andromeda. He chained his daughter to a rock in the sea to propitiate the sea monster that was devouring his people and avenging an insult to the gods when his wife boasted that Andromeda was more beautiful than any goddess. When a fight ensued over the hand of Andromeda, Perseus, who had rescued her, produced the head of the Medusa and turned Cepheus and the others present into stone. He and his wife were placed in the heavens by Poseidon. At times, referred to as Cepheus, Kepheus, Kepheus, Cepheus or Cepheus.
Greek - King of Tegea. Son of Aleus and Neaera. Brother of Amphidamos, Auge and Lycurgus. Father of Echemus and Sterope. He was one of the Argonauts and also a member of the party hunting the Calydonian boar. He helped Heracles in the fight in which they killed Hippocoon and his twelve sons, but Cepheus and seventeen of his twenty sons died in the battle. Occasionally identified as Cepheus, Kepheus, Kepheus, Cepheus or Cepheus.

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