Greek - Part man, part horse. These beings were fathered by Ixion on Nephele or by his son, Centaurus, on the Magnesian mares or, some say, on Ino or Nephele. Others say that they arose from the sperm spilled by Zeus lusting for Aphrodite. They were permanently in conflict with the Lapiths, who were known as horse tamers, after the incident when Eurytion tried to rape Hippodamia at her wedding to Peirithous. They are sometimes depicted pulling the chariot of Dionysus. Occasionally known as Centaur, Hippocentaur, Hippocentaur, Centaur, Kentaur, Kentaur, Kentauroi, Kentauroi, Kentauros, Kentauros, Sagittarius, Sagittarius, Archer, Centaur or Arab Qaus.

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