Cenn Dubh

Irish - A man who gave a bullock to St Patrick. He was converted to Christianity when the saint proved that the note of thanks he had sent for the gift of the bullock weighed more than the animal itself. In some accounts he was said to have introduced night and day and the seasons of the year. Some say he was the same as Cenn Cruiach. At times, known as Cenn Dubh, Cenn Cruiach, Cenn Cruiach, Blood Crescent, Crom Cruach, Cromm Cruach, Cromm Cruiach, Cromm Cru(i)ach, Lord of the Mound, Crom Dubh, Crom Dubh, Cromm Dub, Cromm Dub, Crom(m) Dub(h) or Crom(m) Dub(h).

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