Cenn Cruiach

Irish - A deity to whom first born children. Were sacrificed. He was later known as Cromm Cruiach and his image, made of gold and silver, was worshipped by the Milesians. It was overcome by St Patrick and sank into the earth. At times, known as Cenn Cruiach, Blood Crescent, Blood Crescent, Crom Cruach, Crom Cruach, Cromm Cruach, Cromm Cruach, Cromm Cruiach, Cromm Cruiach, Cromm Cru(i)ach, Cromm Cru(i)ach, Lord of the Mound, Lord of the Mound, Cenn Cruaich, Cenn Dubh, Cenn Dubh, Crom Dubh, Cromm Dub or Crom(m) Dub(h).

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