Irish - A hero of Ulster. One of the champions of the Red Branch. Son of Uthechair. Husband of Brigh. Father of Niam. In a battle with Connaught, a spear thrown by Cet pierced his leg and his testicles, leaving him impotent. As punishment for killing Blai, who had slept with Celtchair's wife, he was required to rid the country of three scourges. The first was a warrior from Munster whose tough skin defied any attempt to kill him with a sword. Celtchair's daughter, Niam, seduced this man, Conganchas, who revealed to her the secret of how he could be killed. Celtchair waited until he was asleep and then killed him by driving nails into his feet and legs. The second task involved killing the wild dog, known as the Brown Mouse, which he did by thrusting his hand down the animal's throat and tearing its heart out. Three whelps of this animal were taken by Mac Da Tho, Culann and Celtchair. The last of these, called Daolchu, started to ravage the country in Celtchair's absence and his master killed him with a spear thrust, so completing his three tasks. Celtchair was himself killed when a drop of the dog's poisonous blood touched his flesh. Also commonly identified as Celtchair, Cealtchair, Cealtchair, Celtchar, Celtchar, Keltchair, Keltchair, Keltchar, Keltchar, Keltcha(i)r or Keltcha(i)r.

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