General - A small domesticated feline featured in many mythologies. (1) In China (where it is called mae) the cat is said to ward off evil spirits. (2) In Egypt the cat was sacred to Bast (a cat-goddess) and to Isis. Anybody who killed a cat was condemned to death. (3) In Europe a black cat is regarded as the familiar of witches and the Devil and was revered by the 13th C Stadinghien heretics. One story says that a cat can suck the breath from a sleeping child, causing it to die. (4) In France the cat is regarded as a corn spirit. (5) Hindu stories have the cat as the steed ridden by the goddess Shastri. (6) The Japanese regard the cat as an animal with supernatural powers that can control the dead. (7) The Malaysians say that an evil spirit, which can take possession of humans, lives in the cat. (8) In Norse mythology, the cat is regarded as a form of the Midgard Serpent, Iormungandr. At times, known as cat.


Scottish - A Pictish ruler. Son of Cruithne. When Cruithne divided Scotland between his seven children, Cat was given Caithness. Sometimes called Cat.

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