British - A knight at the court of King Pelles. A nephew of Pelles. Also commonly known as Castor, Kastor, Kastor or Castor.
Greek - Patron of bards and sailors. Son of Leda by Zeus or Tyndareus. Brother of Helen and Polydeuces. Father of Anogon by Hilaeria. Zeus visited Leda in the form of a swan and there are various versions of the parentage of her children, of whom Castor was one and the twin of Polydeuces. He was a member of the party hunting the Calydonian boar, sailed with the Argonauts and taught Heracles fencing and tactics. When his sister Helen was abducted by Peirithous and Theseus, he and his brother raised an army to invade Aphidnae where she was kept and recovered her. In a dispute over some stolen cattle or as the result of the abduction of Phoebe and Hilaeria by Castor and his brother, he was waiting in ambush in a hollow tree when he was killed by a spear thrown by Idas. After his death, he and Polydeuces spent alternate periods on Olympus and in Hades so that they could always be together. He was deified by Zeus and set in the heavens with Polydeuces as the Twins, Castor and Pollux. Referred to as Castor, Kastor, Kastor or Castor.

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