Castle of Wonders

British - A version of Caer Feddwid, in Welsh. Lore the home of Peredur's uncle. It was here that Peredur saw the Holy Grail. It is the equivalent of the Fortress of Marvels in the story of Percival. Occasionally known as Castle of Wonders, Caer Feddwid, Caer Feddwid, Annwfn, Caer Siddi, Caer Sidi, Caer Wydyr, Carousal, Fort of, Castle Perilous, Court of Carousal, Court of Intoxication, Fort of Carousal, Kingly Castle, King's Castle, Revolving Castle, Sid, Caer Colur, Caer Feddwidd, Caer Golud, Caer Ochren, Caer Redryvan, Caer Rigor, Caer Sid(d)i, Caer Vandwy, Caer Vedwyn, Irish Sid, Chastel Marte, Chastel Marte, Fortress of Marvels or Fortress of Marvels.

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