Castle Carbonek

British - The home of King Pelles. This castle, said to be invisible to sinners, was built by Evelake and Josephus when they came to Britain bringing the Holy Grail, which was then housed in the castle. In some stories Carbonek was in France, in others the castle was in England but called Corbin or Corby. It was here that Lancelot was accorded a sight of the Holy Grail but was struck down and lay unconscious for many days. On occassion, called Castle Carbonek, Caer Pedryvan, Caer Pedryvan, Four-cornered Castle, Cambenoyt, Cambenoyt, Carbonek, Carbonek, Corbenic, Corbenic, Corbin, Corbin, Corby, Corby, Grail Castle or Grail Castle.

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