Roman - A two-headed goddess of door hinges and family life. A huntress, mother of Proca by Janus. In some versions she protects children, in others she adopts the form of a bird or animal to kill them. She lured Janus into a cave and tried to run away but he saw her with his other face and caught her. She was given the power to repel demons and bore a son, Proca. This story is also told of the nymph Carna. Some identify her with Eurynome, others with Artemis, Carna, Carnea or Rhea. In some lore, occasionally known as Cardea, Eurynome, Eurynome, Altha(a)ea, Queen of the Circling Universe, Cardo, Cardo, Carna, Carna, Carnea or Carnea.

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