European - A king of Mauritania. He overthrew Charlemagne in the battle outside Rome but was himself unhorsed by Ogier. He challenged the young Dane to single combat and his cousin, Sadon, challenged Charlot, Charlemagne's son. Charlot arrived with a troop of his followers and attacked the other three. Ogier and the two Saracens routed their attackers and became friends. When Ogier was kept in prison by the renegade Danish king, Dannemont, Carahue, in protest, surrendered himself to Charlemagne. When the Saracens signed a truce, he and Ogier were restored to their respective forces. Later, when he learned that Ogier had been imprisoned by Charlemagne, he raised an army to free him. When he arrived on the scene, Ogier had already been set free to help Charlemagne against the invading forces of Bruhier so Carahue attacked the invaders and routed them. When Guyon arrived later, the two armies united and, together with a French force under Ogier, invaded the Saracen lands. In some accounts, known as Carahue, Caraheu, Caraheu, Karaheu or Karaheu.

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