Caradoc Briefbras

British - A Knight of the Round Table. Son of Eliaures by Ysenne. Brother of Meuric, some say. Husband of Guimer. He did not know who his father was until he went to King Arthur's court to be knighted. There, an unknown knight challenged the assembly to a beheading contest, which only Caradoc would accept. He decapitated the stranger who replaced his head and left. At the return match, a year later, the stranger spared Caradoc and revealed himself as his father, Eliaures. Later a witch persuaded Eliaures, who was a magician, to cause a snake to attach itself to Caradoc's arm, sucking his blood. His friend Cador saved his life by putting his sister Guimer in a vat of milk and Caradoc in a vat of sour wine. This induced the snake to cross from one vat to the other, giving Cador the chance to kill it with his sword. Caradoc later married Guimer. In some accounts, he was the son of Llyr Marini, husband of Tegau Eurfon and father by her of a son called Meuric. Also known as Caradoc Briefbras, Caradoc Vreichvras or Caradoc Vreichvras.

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