Cano mac Gartnain

Irish - Son of Gartnan, king of Scotland. When his father was killed by Aodan, Cano escaped to Ireland where he was sheltered by the joint-kings Diarmaid and Blathmac, or some say by Marcan, and became a friend of King Iollann. He later returned to Ireland with an army to avenge the death of Iollann who had been murdered. He fell in love with Cred, an Irish princess, the wife of Marcan, and when he returned to Scotland he left with her a stone that held his life. Several attempts to meet Cred were thwarted by her stepson Colcu; when he arranged to meet her at a loch he was late and Cred, in her anxiety, dropped the stone, which shattered. He died a few days later. Occasionally known as Cano mac Gartnain.

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