British - Daughter of Cambuscan and Elfeta. Sister of Algarsife and Cambel. Wife of Triamond. In some accounts, referred to as Canace.
Greek - One of the dogs of Actaeon. When Artemis discovered Actaeon watching her as she bathed, she turned him into a stag. His hounds, including Canace, tore him to pieces. Occasionally called Canace.
Greek - Daughter of Aeolus and Enarete. Sister of Macareus. In some stories she is the mother, by Poseidon, of Triopas and the twin giants Ephialtes and Otus; in others she is the mother of Issa by her own brother, Macareus. Some say that she was killed by her father, others that she died by her own hand as a result of her incest. Occasionally called Canace.

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