Cambodian Lore, Gods, Demigods, Heroes, Symbols, and Other Famous Mythological Characters

ap thmop

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The Cambodian version of Avici. At times, identified as Avichi, Avichey, Avichey, Avici, Buddhist Avici or Buddhist Avici.


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Bentei Srei

The name for Shakti, the female aspect of Shiva. Sometimes known as Bentei Srei, Hindu Shakti or Hindu Shakti.


Spirits of the dead that have been. Reborn as animals or giants. Also identified as daerechlan.


Ogres acting as doorkeepers. Also commonly known as dvarapala.


A monster in the form of an elephant/lion. Also commonly identified as gaja-simha, makara, makara, kalamaka, makara or makara.


The blue tevodas. In some references, called Kampean, Hindu Khumbhandas or Hindu Khumbhandas.


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A being with a female head and thorax. But the wings and feet of a bird. Occasionally referred to as Kenor, Kenarey, Kenarey, Kenary, Kenary, Hindu Gandharva or Hindu Gandharva.


The white tevodas. Sometimes called Khandas, Hindu Gandharvas or Hindu Gandharvas.

khmoc pray

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Ghosts. Sometimes known as kmoch.

kmoch pray

Ghosts of women or children who died in childbirth. Some say these spirits can enter living relatives and make them ill. Referred to as kmoch pray.

kon pray

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A Lukabal. Ruler of the north. Ruler of the yeaks. In some versions, this role is played by Peysrap. Sometimes called Kovero, Buddhist Kubera, Buddhist Kubera, Kompira, Kupera, Kuwera, Hindu Vaishravana, Hindu Vaishravana, Kubera, Mo-li Shou, Peysrap or To Wen.


A shaman. This type of shaman is said to be able to exorcise the demons that cause illness. Also commonly known as kru.


A fabulous bird. Also commonly referred to as Kruth, Hindu Garuda, Hindu Garuda, Khyung, Khyung-Gai mGo-Can, Thai Khrut, Thai Khrut or Garuda.


King of the garudas. At times, referred to as Kruthreach.

Lady Po Nagar

A name for Parvati or Uma. Occasionally identified as Lady Po Nagar.


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A guardian spirit of the earth and human beings. Also referred to as Lukabal, Hindu Dikpala or Hindu Dikpala.


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Neak Ta

A protective spirit of towns and villages. On occassion, called Neak Ta.


The highest of the 26 paradises. In some accounts, identified as Nirpean, Buddhist Nirvana or Buddhist Nirvana.


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Pajan Yan

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A version of Vaishravana. In some accounts, he takes the role of Kovero as ruler of the north. Sometimes referred to as Peysrap, Hindu Vaishravana, Hindu Vaishravana, Kovero, Kubera, Mo-li Shou or To Wen.

Prah Alit

The sun, controlling the lion, gold and Sunday. Occasionally known as Prah Alit.

Prah Ankea

The planet Mars, controlling the pig, blue and Tuesday. In some references, called Prah Ankea.

prah bat

The Cambodian name for the Footprints of Buddha. In some lore, occasionally called prah bat.

Prah En

The Cambodian name for Indra. At times, called Prah En.

Prah Hembopean

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Prah Keo

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Prah Ket

An unknown planet, controlling giants and gold. At times, referred to as Prah Ket.

Prah Noreai-Naraya

The Cambodian version of Vishnu. In some references, known as Prah Noreai-Naraya, Prah Noreay or Prah Noreay.

Prah Phrom

The unformed, uncreated source of all things. Also commonly referred to as Prah Phrom, Prah Keo or Prah Keo.

Prah Prahas

The planet Jupiter, controlling the elephant, red and Thursday. Also known as Prah Prahas.

Prah Prohm

The Cambodian name for Brahma. In some lore, occasionally called Prah Prohm.

Prah Put

The planet Mercury, controlling the donkey, light colours and Wednesday. On occassion, known as Prah Put.

Prah Rahu

An unknown planet, controlling. Kruthreach and yellow. Sometimes called Prah Rahu.

Prah Sau

The planet Saturn, controlling the buffalo, blue and Saturday. Occasionally known as Prah Sau.

Prah Shan

The moon, controlling the tiger, silver and Monday. Occasionally referred to as Prah Shan.

Prah Sok

The planet Venus, controlling the peacock, green and Friday. Called Prah Sok.

Prah Sumer

The Cambodian version of Mount Meru. Also called Prah Sumer.

Prah Thorni

The earth. Sometimes known as Prah Thorni.


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Preas Eyn

A god of the Khmer. He is depicted riding an elephant with three heads. In some references, called Preas Eyn, Hindu Indra, Hindu Indra, Amoghasiddhi, Phra In, Shakra, Tung Wang Kung, Venda, Verethragna or Wei-t'o.

Preas Eyssam

A destructive god of the Khmer. Also identified as Preas Eyssam.

Preas Prohm

A four-faced creator-god of the Khmer. On occassion, identified as Preas Prohm, Hindu Brahma, Hindu Brahma, Dainichi or Vairocana.


A flying-lion. Also commonly called Reachaa-Sey.


A Khmer demon which chases and tries to swallow the sun. In some references, referred to as Reahu.


A hero. He defeated the giant Yeak and rescued his aunt who had been captured by the giant. Also referred to as Sanselchay.


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Simhanara Lokesvara

A name for Avalokiteshvara with 5. Buddhas emanating from his. Body. Sometimes called Simhanara Lokesvara.


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A Lukabal. Ruler of the white tevodas, the Khandas. Ruler of the east. At times, called Tossarot.


The Cambodian version of Vessantara. At times, called Vesandar, Buddhist Vessantara, Buddhist Vessantara, Hindu Vishvantara, Hindu Vishvantara or Vessantara.


A Lukabal. Guardian of the south. Ruler of the blue tevodas, the Kampean. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Virulak, Buddhist Virudhaka, Buddhist Virudhaka, Komoku, Tseng Chang or Virudka.


A Lukabal. Guardian of the west. Ruler of the Kruths and Nagas. In some accounts, called Virulappak.


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